Social EdTech for the Next Generation of Life-Long Learning

Education Like Social Media – A Concept & Prototype Already Winning Awards.

Socialise. Learn. Grow.

“Nextgen is the app that gives youngsters and adults content, direction and meaning so that they can turn their challenges into real action, learn for their jobs and their lifes – together in a community of likeminded people.”

The Problem

Learning is the life-long journey of curiosity that everyone enjoys. Science has researched and identified why education feels like a burden to both students and adults. Learning methodology needs an upgrade: Based on needs and challenges. Led by community. Supporting individual learning types.


of students finish school without clear goal about their future.


of their day teenagers spend socializing and consuming media online.

The Solution

Learning needs to be as natural as googling. NextGen meets learners where they spend their time and find their peers - in a digital and inclusive space. Young Digital Natives do real things, learn what they really need. Teachers learn with them. They become mentors on eye-level - and everyone becomes be a teacher.


of students aim for high profile, well paid, self-determined jobs.


of teachers want affordable, traceable professional training.


of adults need training they can immedately apply.

The perfect combination of social media and edtech

Our scientific research shows: Education needs to be based on learner type motivation, gamification, project-based learning and peer teaching. Social Media captivates by combining personal challenges, individual achievements, giving and socializing - all components that make learning desirable.




Cutting-edge tech built in from the start

Own Intelligence

AI beyond ChatGPT: NeXtGen in integrated the wisdom of the the internet with the knowledge of your human creativity.


Your journey is a game: Follow the personal growth of avatars and get rewarded for sharing and collaborting.


Digestable input: Learn what you need when you need it with content created by AI, educators or your peers.

Blockchain security

Safe and sound: Your personal data is your property, you can annoymiye your personality to keep you safe.

Professional development

The app grows with you: Build skills early in school, learnabout options, find your vocation, engage with future employers.

How we create NeXtGen Together

Built by an initiative of scientists, educators, teenagers and business experts.

Award-winning concept and broad support

NeXtGen is the continuation of the Natural Entrepreneurs project.

Mixed advisory board from Genx to gen alpha

Only first names and avatars generated from profile picture are shown to protect the identity of minors.

Sebastian Heide-Meyer zu Erpen

CTO at Tonies

André Winzer

Zukunftsforscher, CEO at Schaltzeit

Martin, 15

Young founder

Niklas, 16

Jugend forscht!

Jana, 16

Jugend forscht!

Marlen, 10

Gymnasium student

Paulo, 15

Gymnasium student

Tarek, 16

Junior olymipionist

Leevi, 15


Eleonore, 14

Gymnasium student

Professional operative Founders (Millenials and GenX)

Paul Woldt

Impact entrepreneur, network specialist, community psychologsist, scientist, activist, father

Elena Samsonova

Educator and education researcher, cross-disciplinary scientist, mother

Dr Fabian Feutlinske

Tech systems designer, scientist, educator, serial founder, father, outdoor enthusiast

Claas Kauenhowen

Startup Studio CEO, serial founder, personal development coach, father, professional kite surfer

Daniel Rintelmann

Investment specialist, startup scaling expert, seasoned networker, father, water sport athlete

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